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by - septiembre 24, 2017

¡Tenemos nuevo video en el canal! Quiero volver a publicar contenido por ese medio, y para iniciar me pareció adecuado compartir algunos de mis productos favoritos actuales, unos que tienen unos meses gustandome y otros que usé mucho durante el verano.

Si quieres saber mis opiniones acerca de la siguiente lista de productos y porqué los recomiendo, puedes ir aquí a ver el vídeo (, o al final de esta entrada. Espero que te guste y si tienes alguna solicitud para próximos videos, me escribes en los comentarios.

Lista de los productos mencionados

¿Has probado alguno de estos productos, cuál ha sido tu experiencia?
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There's a new video on my youtube channel where I share my current favorite products, some of them have been for a while, and others I've used and loved a lot during the summer. But since the content is in Spanish, I'll give you a brief idea of why these are my favorites and I recommend them.

I hope you enjoy my "mini-reviews" and recommendations. If you have any other requests for blog entries or videos, please let me know!

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Cream
Great for my curls, makes them stay defined for days after first application so it helps for low-maintenance (especially when I had long hair!).  
This is an amazing deep treatment for any type of hair (as it says on the packaging). I first used this after I had applied a hair color that left my hair dry and opaque, and I saw results from the first time. It helped moisturize my curls and made them feel soft.
It has a nice formula for US$2. If you use two coats normally, you might need to be careful since it's a thicker 'gel' type consistency. This shade is a nice nude for tanned/medium/olive skin, for all year around.
Great product! They glide on smoothly and are very pigmented even on the waterline, and don't budge once they dry. Most days I feel they are waterproof/sweatproof, in the tropical summer we have. I think they're very inexpensive (around US$5) for what you get.
Although I don't normally use cream products because of my oily skin, this one worked nicely and didn't need heavy powder application to set it. It was also easy to blend and not so pigmented that you need to be careful where you put it. It's US$4 (it was $3 when I bought it, lol) and really nice for summer or bronzed skin.
I don't think this is the best brow pomade by any means but it's a good product to catch the learning curve that comes with pomades, it works decently and in the end, you can decide if you really want to spend more money on a better-reviewed product (like the Anastasia one). The downside is that it dries kind of fast (I don't know if brow pomades are usually like that) but you can get a good amount of use out of it.

I got this at a local department store when they had a 50% off the brand and came to like the product because it makes for nice, natural looking, everyday lashes for around US$5 (RD$275) regular price. I have to note that it's a lengthening mascara, and doesn't do anything for volume.

I've mentioned this product several times on my Instagram because it's a great product for the price (got it for US$2 at a beauty supply). I bought it because the color seemed nice and I wanted to see how it would look on my skin tone. Not only is it a nice pinky nude for bronzed skin but it's a decent liquid lipstick formula that glides on nicely, dries matte but doesn't look horribly dry, and lasts for a good 4-5 hours. I wasn't expecting all of that for that price tag. You can find it locally for RD$120 at a store in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo.

Have you tried any of these products, what has been your experience?
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